Zettaset and Actian combine Hadoop and advanced data analytics into an enterprise-class Big Data solution

Zettaset, the leader in secure Big Data management, has partnered with Actian, a next-generation leader in Big Data analytics, to integrate automated Hadoop cluster management with advanced analytic creation and information management natively on Hadoop. The combination of the Actian ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platformand Zettaset Orchestrator enables enterprises to manage the extreme speed and scale of Big Data mining and analysis while maintaining the highest levels of platform security and availability.

The Big Data ecosystem is complex. Actian + Zettaset deliver a powerful, enterprise-ready Big Data solution that eliminates the need for IT organizations to perform time-consuming in-house integration, and accelerates time-to-insight for corporate business units. The combined solution streamlines the analytic pipeline for business analysis while taking full advantage of the scalability and flexibility of Hadoop. Organizations can now focus on deriving value from Hadoop with the safety and reliability associated with traditional enterprise applications.

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