You’ve Heard Of Big Data But What Is Big Content?

In content marketing, we’re great at making up terms and buzzwords to try and prove just how far ahead of everything old and “traditional” we are.

The term Big Content has been used in a couple of different ways by some big names and influential media outlets. So I thought I would try and provide an overview and some additional thoughts of my own to help answer:
What is Big Content?

Almost 2 years ago, Gartner’s Craig Roth brought up the idea of Big Content. To Craig, Big Content is the unstructured step-child of Big Data and represents the explosion of tweets, vines, blogs and all other content that we are now creating at increasing rates.

In a similar way, Idio suggested that this was an important consideration because like Big Data, Big Content needs a strategy, an analytic model to support it and a process to manage the operations of the content marketing hub.

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