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You should start using AI chatbots. Here is why!

The shift towards artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is all around. A surprising 80% of enterprises already invest in some form of AI today. Business communication tools are no exception. Both well-known and fresh chat apps like Facebook Messenger or Chanty start to actively come up with AI-powered features. Along with this trend, chatbots became the hot topic of last few years.

In a nutshell, chatbots are any bots that live in chat platforms. Unlike humans, these conversational agents are available for work 24/7. This feature turns chatbots into ideal tools for delivering information services. No wonder people started to actively harness them in different industry fields (like banking or publishing) and on e-commerce websites.

The invasion of chatbots in the messaging app industry has also unlocked a new gate for the way people collaborate at work. Timely team messengers became not only a place to exchange information, but also powerful assistants. How exactly can any team take advantage of using a team chat app with chatbots? Below are the main points to consider.

1. Easy task and project management

Ever-evolving capabilities of chatbots help team messengers ease up the entire project management process. Employees no longer need to leave their team chat app to make reports, as well as track time and expense. For example, Busybot lets users create and assign tasks right in Slack. Talla, in turn, keeps everybody focused on the critical tasks with alerts and reminders.

2. Automated routine processes

Frankly speaking, we all hate to do the same work all the time. Nevertheless, office workers spend about 552 hours a year doing work they did before. The possibility to cut down daily tasks off our shoulders sounds tempting, isn’t it? Chatbots are here to fight the working routine. With their help, employees can concentrate only on significant tasks, saving time and improving work efficiency.

3. Single information center

Employees’ productivity majorly depends on the one aspect: speed. Modern working process suffers as we lose time juggling between different online tools about 300 times per day. Chatbots integrated with a team messenger and other apps fix this problem. They pull information from all third-party tools and gather insights in your team chat application.

4. Smarter customer service

According to Gartner, chatbots will power 85% of all customer service interactions by the year 2020. And, why not? Chatbots like Twyla or Clare.AI improve any existing helpdesk or live chat support, resolving customers’ issues at a blink of an eye.

5. Saving costs

CNBC states: “Chatbots currently account for business cost savings of $20 million globally”. Of course, these virtual agents work round the clock and don’t ask for sick leaves, vacations and days off. With their ability to multitask, chatbots interact with several people at once and slowly replace real employees. Besides, a huge amount of platforms for building chatbots will let you create an assistant for any business needs.

To sum up, we have currently touched five main benefits of integrating chatbots into team communication tools. Virtual agents help messengers serve as a single information center and become awesome co-pilots in managing projects or dealing with repetitive tasks. Moreover, their 24/7 accessibility contributes to instant customer support and saving money by answering more questions in less time without the help of humans involved.

Once you choose the right chatbots for your team messenger, the company will not only improve internal communication, but also start working more efficiently.

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