Yelp Dataset Challenge

Yelp is proud to introduce a deep dataset for research-minded academics from our wealth of data. If you’ve used our Academic Dataset and want something richer to train your models on and use in publications, this is it. Tired of using the same standard datasets? Want some real-world relevance in your research project? This data is for you!

  1. 3 years ago

    The Yelp Dataset is in JSON format, if you would like to turn some of that data into CSV format, we can do that at

    • anil 1 year ago

      it is not even in JSON format when i download. it is just a file format. how can i extract JSON files from it ?

      • khalid 1 year ago

        same problem

        • Muhammad Ali 1 year ago

          Its in .tar format means it is double compressed
          Step 1 : Unzip using winrar or 7 zip to get a 4GB file
          Step 2 : Change the extension of extracted file to .tar and unzip it again. You will get your required Json files
          Happy Yelping 🙂

  2. AJ 2 years ago

    I download the database but I couldn’t open it, how to open the database? Thanks

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