Write actionable, user-specific big data reports

As enterprises sift through their big data, prepare it, and formulate query and analytics approaches, it isn’t too early to also start work on a reporting architecture that can present big data in ways that make it most immediately actionable.

In the old days, systems analysts sat down with business users to define online and batch reporting requirements that included report formats, labels for columns, which data appeared in each column, and so on. Big data presents a different set of reporting challenges when it comes to defining reports because its purposes are much more diverse; also, companies are confronted with myriad big data reporting choices from vendors, and that can add to the confusion when it’s time to standardize reporting.

The bottom line is big data reports must be actionable. This means that the reporting “forms” you pour big data into must be tuned to deliver results in the most actionable format possible for the purposes for which they are intended.

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