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Will robots (AI) end up taking over the job of writers?

Will robots end up taking over the job of writers? Well, this is a common question that’s being asked. Especially in the last decade due to the development of artificial intelligence, which continues to influence the writing industry. Writing is not as effortless as it may seem. Bloggers, journalists, reporters, and students face numerous challenges to make sure they produce legit and relevant content on topics about the latest trends, ideas, and news. It may seem improbable that a computer can carry out similar multifaceted creativity to produce complex and coherent pieces of text that humans create.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Because with technology everything is possible.

Experts believe that AI systems can now write novels, poetry and news reports through learning and adapting to the current writing requirements. So, a team of writing experts at EssayZoo decided to highlight the basic tasks artificial intelligence can perform in the writing industry.


Modern word processors have always had autocorrects and speller checkers, which for most people were a nuisance. However, the changes in AI writing enable different software vendors to assist writers in perfecting their writing by offering tools for proofreading. Tools such as the red line in Microsoft Word and Grammarly utilize Artificial intelligence to identify simple mistakes such as grammar, as well as, spelling errors. Also, their advance settings detect phrases with too many words, vague language, passive voice, and issues in style.

Not only does it identify all these mistakes, but it also provides the correct spelling or version that you should utilize. For example, it recognizes passive voices in a text and gives you the statement reworded in an active voice. Though the use of AI writer is creating a competitive market for writing assistance, it threatens the work of editors.

Plagiarism check

The issue of plagiarism is one that both students and content providers such as journalists and novel writers grapple with every day. A quick search over the internet of sentences derived from one’s documents is enough to make an entire paper substandard due to plagiarism. Plagiarism is derived from failure by an individual to acknowledge the author’s ideas by passing them as their own, borrowing an entire paper from someone else or buying an article from the internet. All these cases are unacceptable in the writing profession.

There are different solutions, however, to this problem in the market. For example, AI writing software such as Turnitin helps one detect content lifted from other people’s work. It does so by comparing one’s paper to millions of documents submitted on its database. Once the software finds a match, you can make the corrections. Likewise, Artificial intelligence writer such as Emma helps to discern authorship of a text; hence, curbing plagiarism.

Conversion of passages into different languages

Translation of a text from one language to another, say English to Spanish, in the past was a strenuous endeavor. One had to track down an individual who spoke the two dialects for them to translate. Academic experts from custom essay service note that software companies also attempted to provide translation services. For example, Google Translate could facilitate the running of words through its dictionary in an attempt to translate them. However, more often than not, you would get questionable results or funny translations.

Advancement in intelligence writing, however, has led to significant upgrades of Google Translate. Experts ascertain that now, an individual can translate not only words but sentences and phrases with accuracy. Through AI content writer, you can utilize Google Translate to convert an entire book and articles, making the work of publishing easier. However, for publishers and authors, in the future, this spells doom to their careers.

Facilitate searches of audio files

Despite the continued growth of video and audio content through platforms such as YouTube and podcasts, online texts still exist. Unlike video and audio materials, transcription makes it easier for you to find information of particular interest to you with ease, making it the ideal type of material to utilize. Cody Rhodes, a professional academic writer at EssayZoo said, “An audio search is becoming a reality through artificial intelligence.”

AI assistants such as Siri and Alexa have made it possible for computers to decipher sound and use it to find different things. For example, instead of going through your phone contact to call someone, Siri follows your audio command to dial the person you want. Applications have also entered the market to facilitate search through audio files. For example, App is significant in the search for the spoken word, and the future will perhaps help in transcription to produce written content.

Composing stories as they occur

If you have been wondering whether Artificial intelligence robots have been writing, well yes, the AI bots write. Different news agencies have been utilizing them to compose content based on data, which an AI article writer turns into a narrative. AI has brought to light much breaking news. Its use of such stories ensures news stations get to publish a story fast and almost right away as it happens.

Reliance on AI robots to break the news is disadvantageous. Continued reliance on them will render journalists jobless, as they can type faster than them. Also, it would lead to poor content as AI robots spin information it documents as opposed to researching it.

AI works to influence the reader’s choices in books

Artificial intelligence is useful in considering the reader’s expectations and inclinations when it comes to books. In the past, predicting which books readers prefer was difficult. The entry of AI in the book industry makes it easier for publishers and businesses to analyze data and determine books that will sell. Books written by AI may not be in the market, but book stores based on the internet such as Amazon, get to benefit from data collected by AI to predict books you may interest you. Thus, this is the reason once you buy a book from such a store; it provides you with numerous titles that relate to your previous book or of a similar genre.

We as experts of EssayZoo believe that influencing readers to buy books is a positive use of AI. It helps readers to become aware of books they would enjoy, discover new authors, as well as, turn authors into a success as long as they know what their readers want.

To sum up, technologies can either be our friends or our enemies. Whichever you choose, be ready for writing Artificial intelligence. As efforts of researchers and companies increase to make AI writers, Artificial intelligence will soon become part of the writing industry. Whatever you compose, whether essays, articles or news items, there is a likelihood that AI writing articles will be part of it, making it better. Tools such as Turnitin and Grammarly has made an enormous mark in writing, and it will become faster in the future. It is unfortunate that AI will deem human writers unnecessary.

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