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Why your car is the next media frontier

“Data is the next Intel Inside.” – Tim O’Reilly

The highway and the information superhighway have literally merged and your car is becoming the center of your connected universe, churning out an amazing amount of big data (and media) at eye-popping speed. Like up to 1.3 gigs … every hour. In fact, the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that the automotive industry will be the second largest generator of data by 2015. Gartner reports that, by 2018, one in five cars on the road will be “self-aware” and able to discern and share information on their mechanical health, their global position and status of their surroundings.

With a system of sensors, vehicle-to-vehicle communications and computing power, intelligent cars now interact with their owners. The number one question new car buyers are asking dealers about today: How does their car interact with smartphones and tablets?

Yep, cars are now media machines on wheels. This is especially true for music. Blasting your favorite tunes on your awesome car sound system is a given for today’s driver. Small wonder then that Pandora is now available in nine of the top 10 best-selling cars, and Pandora already knows a lot about its customers, with over 76 million active listeners. The company hassigned its first in-car radio ad deals with BP, Ford, State Farm and Taco Bell. Add one more window into the big data landscape, as advertisers glean more and more about their customers.

Other tactics brands and agencies are using around the plethora of in-vehicle data relates to geo-fencing. According to the Placecast Blog, they and Aha™ by HARMAN have begun testing new in-car advertising that delivers relevant, real-time promotional offers to consumers based on the vehicle’s locations. Quiznos is the first brand to activate promotional offers using the new service. When your vehicle enters a geo-fenced area, a Quiznos audio ad is inserted into the stream. A tap on the interface emails a coupon to your mobile device for use in the store. Interesting, right?

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