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Why Supermarkets Are Big Data Superstars

In the era of big data, establishing rapport with customers should be easier than ever, right? We have the information, and the technology for capturing, analyzing and disseminating customer communications has made huge advances, driven by the adoption of marketing software and CRM systems and fed by the growth of social media, the proliferation of smartphones and the development of online activities that generate waves of customer data.
The trouble is, linking data with technology isn’t a straightforward operation. Some reasons for that, and a few ways to do better, are a focus of GI Insight’s 2013 Customer Intimacy Index. The survey, which measures how well 16 industries from ISPs to automakers connect with their customers, queried more than 1,000 consumers in the U.K.; my group contrasted current results with the 2010 index to find the winners and losers in this brave new digital, data-fed world.

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