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Why Hotels Should Apply Big Data Analytics To Provide a Unique Guest Experience

For luxury hotels it is all about exceeding the expectations of their guests. The single most important aspect for hoteliers is to provide a great experience and ensure that their guests are satisfied. During their guests’ customer journey massive amounts of data are generated and hoteliers can now improve their high quality service even more with a well-thought Big Data Strategy. Unfortunately, many hotels are still struggling with their data and/or do not make the most of it.

There are however also some great examples of hotel chains moving in the right direction. Big Data can result in improved customer satisfaction, personalized marketing campaigns and offers so that the right guests book the right room at the right moment and at the right rate. In addition, Big Data results in a boost in employee productivity and more efficient operations. The advantages of Big Data for the hotel industry are enormous.

Deep customer insights can lead to improved guest satisfaction and an unforgettable experience. Making these insights available to all levels and departments within the hotel is crucial. It allows the concierge to know which local tours to recommend that fit your preferences. It allows the restaurant departments to predict which menu items are likely to be ordered, based for example on the local weather. It allows the reservations department to predict the optimal rate for a room and sales and marketing to create tailored messages across different (social) networks and send truly personalized email campaigns. Let’s dive a bit deeper in some possibilities:

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