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Why bigger isn’t always better when it comes to the healthcare industry’s use of big data

There’s no doubt that big data is significantly impacting healthcare. Throughout the continuum of care, from hospitals to payers to patients to product providers, there continues to be a demand to create and store increasing amounts of digital data to strengthen the decision making process surrounding everything from operational performance to treatment types.

Why is the healthcare industry so data hungry? Well, it offers the distinct advantage of being able to segment customers in a way that ultimately provides a better understanding of how certain populations behave. In turn, companies are able to provide more precisely tailored products and services that put them a step ahead of their competitors.

While healthcare hangs its hat on big data to drive improved performance in all aspects of its business, it is important to keep in mind that the conclusions resulting from the crunching of cast data repositories might not always be the best way to arrive at even greater segmentation or service. This is particularly true within the pharmaceutical industry.

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