Why Big Data and Understanding Your Customer Matter Most

Email is a personal medium, and for the recipient it feels very one-to-one, just like the emails they receive from friends and family. Information you already have about your email customers can help you craft more personal messaging, letting your audience feel like you’re talking with them, not at them. A personal connection with a potential consumer will go a long way in establishing brand loyalty.

Email marketing company Responsys found that using customer data to better craft your campaigns increases unique open rates by more than 70 percent, and click-through rates by more than 55 percent. Here are some tips on how to use data to better connect with your customers through email marketing.

Not All Your Customers Love You as Much as Your Best Customers. And That’s OK.

One of the simplest ways to increase engagement with email marketing is to divide your list into cohorts of “Actives” and “Lapsed” openers. Every business has a different view of what “Active” and “Lapsed” means to them. Here at Keep, we consider “Active” to be someone who has opened at least one of our emails in the past 30 days. Once cohorts are built, you can vary subject lines and copy with the goal of re-engaging your lapsed openers, and forging deeper connections with your active openers. A popular and effective way to re-engage lapsed users is to specifically address that they’ve lapsed in the subject line. (Remember, at best, they’re only seeing your subject line since, well, they’ve stopped opening your emails!) Some examples of subject lines to attract lapsed users back to the messaging..

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