What can we really expect from distribution automation?

So far in our Next Next Thing series of articles, our guest authors, all industry professionals, have shared their views on Big Data, security and utility disaggregation. Next up: Distribution automation. Utilities are adopting distribution automation (DA) to such an extent that it is getting more attention than smart meters. Our guest authors share their thinking on DA: what it is, why it’s important and other apps for AMI networks that would be useful.

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Peter Millar, VP for product marketing at Clevest, offered these observations: “Utilities need to identify, locate and manage AMI network events through their SMS and DMS systems. Applications that provide smart grid visualization and geo-spatial situational awareness can enhance these capabilities.

“Utilities also need the ability to resolve network issues in the field. Integrating AMI network operations with mobile workforce systems enables end-to-end network management to enhance network resilience, improve restoration performance and increase service reliability.”

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