WebScaleSQL Is No Threat

Collaborators Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter last week introduced WebScaleSQL, an open source, Web-scale branch on top of Oracle’s MySQL Community Edition. You’d think an Internet-giant-endorsed, high-scale variant of the world’s most popular open source database management system (DBMS) might shake things up, but NoSQL and NewSQL vendors say they’re not worried.

WebScaleSQL is a set of patches on top of MySQL Community Edition 5.6. Oracle said it has been working with WebScaleSQL.org’s members for a long time and has even folded early contributions into MySQL Community Edition (including a 5.7 update announced Monday).

“These companies are very much on the forefront of Web scale and are working with us to continuously extend the limits of MySQL,” said Tomas Ulin, VP of MySQL engineering.

WebScaleSQL.org said its features improve MySQL scalability while also making it easier to operate at high scale, but that alone won’t dent demand for NoSQL databases, said Matt Asay, VP marketing and business development at MongoDB, maker of the popular NoSQL database of the same name.

“Scale is just one of the motivations for using NoSQL databases, and it’s arguably not even the most interesting or important,” Asay said. “It’s far harder to deal with the proliferation of unstructured or semi-structured data types.”

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