V-locity VM Acceleration Software Hits Industry Milestone with over 1000 Virtualization Customers

BURBANK, CALIF. — Condusiv™ Technologies, the leader in high-performance software optimizing technology, people and businesses, today announced that its V-locity® VM acceleration software solution has quickly amassed one of the largest virtualization followings with over 1000 midmarket and large enterprise customers.
V-locity acceleration software allows IT organizations to go substantially faster in virtualized environments, improving application performance by 50% without the cost of new or additional hardware. V-locity VM includes Condusiv’s IntelliMemory™ and IntelliWrite® technologies to optimize reads and writes via dynamic server-side caching on available solid-state resources, and the prevention of split I/Os that occur when a file is typically broken into pieces before write, which also penalizes subsequent reads.

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