Using Hadoop as a platform for Master Data Management

1. Using Hadoop as a Platform for Master Data Management Roman Kucera Ataccama Corporation
2. Using Hadoop as a platform for Master Data Management Roman Kucera, Ataccama Corporation
3. Roman Kucera Head of Technology and Research  Implementing MDM projects for major banks since 2010  Last 12 months spent on expanding Ataccama portfolio into Big Data space, most importantly adopting the Hadoop platform Ataccama Corporation Ataccama is a software vendor focused on Data Quality, Master Data Management, Data Governance and now also on Big Data processing in general Quick Introduction
4. Why have I decided to give this speech?  Typical MDM quotes on Hadoop conferences:  „There are no MDM tools for Hadoop“  „We have struggled with MDM and Data Quality“  „You do not need MDM, it does not make sense on Hadoop“  My goal is to:  Explain that MDM is necessary, but it does not have to be scary  Show a simplified example
5. What is Master Data Management?  „Master Data is a single source of basic business data used across multiple systems, applications, and/or processes“ (Wikipedia)  Important parts of MDM solution:  Collection – gathering of all data  Consolidation – finding relations in the data  Storage – persistence of consolidated data  Distribution – providing a consolidated view to consumers  Maintenance – making sure that the data is serving its purpose  … and a ton of Data Quality

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