UPS Big Data to Cut Carbon Emissions, Save 1.5M Gallons of Fuel

UPS has launched its route optimization software called ORION — this stands for on-road integrated optimization and navigation — which the company expects to save more than 1.5 million gallons of fuel and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 14,000 metric tons by the end of the year.

ORION has a team of 500 dedicated resources to move the US deployment forward as UPS nears its busy holiday season, the company says. The rollout of ORION will optimize 10,000 delivery routes by the end of the year, reducing miles driven. A reduction of just one mile each day per driver over the course of a year saves UPS up to $50 million annually.

ORION, which consists of more than 250 million address data points, combines customer’s shipping requirements with customized map data the company has compiled to provide UPS drivers with optimized routing instructions, the company says.

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