University receives grant for large data research in sciences

NYU, University of California, Berkley and University of Washington have been awarded $37.8 million to support data-intensive research for the next five years.
The Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation awarded professors at these three universities a five-year grant to pursue research in large data analysis in specific fields such as astrophysics, genetics and economics.
Award winners were selected by the foundation out of 15 universities to receive the grant money.
Genny Biggs, a spokeswoman for the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation, said the foundation seeks to accelerate the research of data science.
“Each of the partner universities has distinguished itself in recent years by pioneering new approaches to discovery in diverse fields, such as astronomy, biology, oceanography and sociology, through deep collaborations between researchers in these fields and in data science methodology fields, such as computer science, statistics and applied mathematics,” Biggs said.

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