Universities that offer courses in Data Science, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

This is a list of some of the universities that offer courses in Data Science, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning.
1. Arizona State University
MS in Business Analytics
The Masters in Business Analytics is delivered by the W. P. Carey Departments of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management. Ideal for recent undergraduates with a strong quantitative background, the MS BA is a ten course curriculum that builds upon existing skills and know ledge. The curriculum is a nine month program that combines analytic depth with business experience, small classes, and team-based learning.
2. Bentley University
Master’s in Business Analytics
MBA with a concentration in Business Analytics is designed for professionals looking to gain a competitive advantage through the use of data resources. The concentration provides a solid grounding in applied statistical methods with emphasis on the use of appropriate software tools.
MS in Marketing Analytics
The Master of Science in Marketing Analytics program teaches students how to become more engaged with consumers, how to design and deliver robust statistical analysis, and how to effectively communicate the resulting insights.
3. Bryant University
SAS Certificate – Applied Analytics
The Advanced Applied Analytics Center (AAAC) at Bryant University brings together students, faculty, practitioners and organizations from all disciplines for the study and application of analytical and visualization techniques to gain insights from “big data.” This certificate program is from the SAS Institute, a technology leader who provides various Business Intelligence and Data Mining curriculum to the academic community.
4. Carnegie Mellon University
Master of Science in Machine Learning
The Master of Science in Machine Learning (data mining) incorporates a rich, interdisciplinary education by combining topics such as advanced machine learning algorithms, statistical principles that provide the foundations for these algorithms, database and data warehousing methods, complexity analysis, approaches to data visualization, privacy and security issues, and specific application areas such as business, marketing, and public policy.
B.I. & Data Analytics
The MISM-BIDA program combines expertise in IT, business processes, advanced analytic techniques and real world applications. Students gain hands-on experience with iLab, which has actual data sets that describe people’s behaviours using mobile devices, social digital media environments, etc.
5. Central Connecticut State University
Master of Science in Data Mining
CCSU’s Master of Science program focuses on statistical methodology, machine learning and business intelligence.
6. Central Michigan University
SAS Certificate – Data Mining and GIS
The Data Mining Certificate program is a one-year program designed to give students a comprehensive training in basic foundation, advanced knowledge and applications of data mining. This graduate certificate program in Data mining integrates computing technology, statistical techniques and geographical information system (GIS) together. Students will learn and experience the process of handling raw data in databases, turning data into useful information, investigating and transforming information into meaningful knowledge.
7. Columbia University
Master of Science Concentration in Machine Learning
The Master of Science Machine Learning Track is intended for students who wish to develop their knowledge of machine learning techniques and applications. Machine learning is a rapidly expanding field with many applications in diverse areas such as bioinformatics, fraud detection, intelligent systems, perception, finance, information retrieval, and other areas.
8. DePaul University
Master of Science in Predictive Analytics
The Master of Science in Predictive Analytics program covers a variety of skills required for a career in predictive analytics, including the ability to analyse large datasets and to develop modelling solutions to support decision making, understanding of the fundamental principles of marketing and customer relationship management, and communication skills to present results effectively. Students become “data mining analysts/engineers” or “predictive modellers”. This degree can be completed entirely online.
MS in Information Systems Business Intelligence Concentration
With the concentration in Business Intelligence, analysts learn to understand the strategic goals and tactical issues facing an organization, and use a combination of technology, statistics, and dashboards to provide organizations with the information they need. Business analysts have strong computational and analytical skills, and are comfortable with both statistics and technology. Students take online and on campus courses.
9. Drexel University
Master of Science in Business Analytics
Drexel’s program is designed for students who have an interest in quantitative methods, exploring and uncovering relationships through data analysis, and using the data to solve business problems. The MS in Business Analytics is also ideal for MBA students seeking a quantitative second degree.
10. Fordham University
Master of Science in Business Analytics
The Master of Science in Business Analytics is geared toward graduate students that would like to pursue a career in banking, consumer products, energy, government, healthcare, insurance or pharmaceuticals. One great advantage is the school’s location in the heart of one of the leading data and media centres in the world.
Master of Science in Business Analytics
Fordham’s Master of Science Business Analytics program integrates analytic techniques, data management, IT, modelling, and statistics to train students to become effective analysts and informed users of business data.
11. George Mason University
BS Computational & Data Sciences
The Bachelor of Science degree in Computational and Data Sciences is based on the combination of applied mathematics, real-world computer science skills, data acquisition and analysis, and scientific modelling. Graduates of the BS program in computational and data sciences will possess the mathematical, scientific, and computational skills.
12. Indiana University
MBA, Business Analytics
MBA Business Analytics majors learn to leverage data to create more efficient business processes and more accurate performance reporting to help businesses compete and gain advantage. If you have a strong interest in mathematics, statistics, modelling, or information systems, consider a major or minor in business analytics.
13. Kennesaw State University
SAS Certificate Statistical Methods and KSU Data Mining Certificate Program
The certificate will document students’ course work utilizing SAS’ award winning data mining technology, and is intended to give students a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
14. Louisiana State University
Master of Science in Analytics
The Master of Science in Analytics curriculum emphasizes the use of advanced data management tools and applied statistical and operations research techniques to analyse large real-world data sets to increase return on investment, improve customer retention, reduce fraud and improve decision making. Students receive training in SAS, SQL, R and other tools.
15. Loyola University Maryland
SAS Certificate – Business Intelligence
Loyola offers an undergraduate Business Intelligence Certificate, which is certified by SAS. This certification provides students with a competitive advantage in applying for jobs in which data mining and business intelligence are an integral part.
16. Michigan State University
MS in Business Analytics
The Master of Science in Business Analytics is offered by the Broad College of Business in collaboration with MSU’s College of Engineering and College of Natural Science. The curriculum includes courses in business strategy, data mining, applied statistics, project management, marketing technologies, communications and ethics.
17. New York University
Master of Science in Business Analytics
The campus is right in the heart of the city, so students will have the opportunity to personally visit the ‘big wig’ companies on Wall Street. This program also teaches students to better understand the role of evidence-based data in decision making and also influence data as a strategic asset.
Master of Science in Data Science
The Master of Science in Data Science is a highly-selective program for students with a strong background in mathematics, computer science, and applied statistics. The degree focuses on the development of new methods for data science.
MS in Scientific Computing (Data Science Concentration)
The Master of Science Data Science Concentration program in scientific computing focuses on the mathematics and computer science related to advanced computer modelling and simulation (for those concentrating on modelling and simulation) and to data analytics (for those concentrating on data science). The program is similar in structure to terminal master’s programs in engineering, combining classroom training with practical experience. The coursework ranges from foundational mathematics and fundamental algorithms to such practical topics as data visualization and software tools.
18. Northwestern
Master of Science in Analytics
The Master of Science in Analytics immerses students in a comprehensive and applied curriculum exploring the underlying data science, information technology and business of analytics. It combines mathematical and statistical study with instruction in advanced computational and data analysis. All three areas of data analysis are studied: predictive (forecasting), descriptive (business intelligence and data mining), and prescriptive (optimization and simulation).
Master of Science in Predictive Analytics
The Master of Science in Predictive Analytics (MSPA), is an online, part-time program that explores these applications and much more. The MSPA program uses real-world problems and situations to prepare graduates for roles as strategic thought-leaders who leverage predictive analysis and predictive modelling to drive decision making.
19. Oakland University
Master of Science in IT Management – Business Analytics
The MSITM/Business Analytics program consists of 30 credit hours of advanced courses on top of a co-requisite foundation consisting of six credit hours. The two foundation courses may be waived based on experience or evidence of an equivalent course taken within five years.
20. Ohio State University
SAS Certificate – Data Mining
This certificate program is from the SAS Institute, a technology leader who provides various Business Intelligence and Data Mining curriculum to the academic community.
21. Oklahoma State University
SAS and OSU Marketing Analytics Certificate
This program is designed to produce analytically-savvy managers who will be adept at leading teams of IT, Marketing and Strategy personnel in any organization to solve complex business problems by analysing appropriate data. The curriculum for the program was designed in partnership with SAS, a leading provider of marketing analytics software and services.
22. SMU
Graduate Business Analytics Certificate
The Graduate Business Analytics Certificate Program at the Cox School of Business enables business managers and business analysts to understand how information can be accessed from corporate databases and data warehouses, and how models can be built for a broad variety of decision problems. The modelling techniques range from traditional statistical models and optimization models to new techniques such as data mining and OLAP. This non-credit certificate program provides an in-depth look at how you can access information from corporate databases and data warehouses.
23. St. Joseph’s University
Master of Science in Business Intelligence (Online)
The curriculum of the online Business Intelligence master’s degree from Saint Joseph’s University covers data mining, data warehousing, and data-driven communication to help graduates master front to back Business Intelligence skills. Graduates will also receive a Business Intelligence Certificate from SAS.
Master of Science in Business Intelligence
The Master of Science in Business Intelligence Program at Saint Joseph’s University is designed for professionals by integrating technology and quantitative skills into a relevant, functional business context. The program provides in-depth knowledge and expertise on how data, analytics, and technology can be used to enhance organizational sense-making, decision-making, and performance.
24. Syracuse University
Certificate of Advanced Study in Data Science
This certificate includes a specialization of data analytics, data storage and management, data visualization, or general systems management. Core courses include databases, database management and data science.
25. Texas A&M University
Master of Science in Analytics
The Department of Statistics offers a part – time Master of Science in Analytics (currently pending system and state approvals) that will offer courses from the top – ranked Mays Business School and will be open to working professionals with strong quantitative skills, for example bachelor’s degree holders in the sciences, mathematics, business and engineering fields. Skills learned are applicable in utilities, manufacturing, information, healthcare, natural resources, transportation, warehousing, finance and insurance, and many other sectors.
26. Texas Tech University
SAS Certificate – Data Mining
The program addresses data mining from a business perspective and also covers problem definition, team building, and solution strategies including data sources, business objectives, and implementation requirements. This certificate program is from the SAS Institute, a technology leader who provides various Business Intelligence and Data Mining curriculum to the academic community.
27. University of California
Predictive Analytics Certificate
This program is intended for professionals who are using or wish to use Predictive Analytics to optimize business performance at a variety of levels in a wide range of industries. The Predictive Analytics program is often the logical next step for professional growth for those in business analysis, web analytics, marketing, business intelligence, data warehousing, and data mining.
Data Mining Certificate
This certificate is designed to provide individuals in business and scientific communities with the skills necessary to design, build, verify and test predictive data models.
28. University of Central Florida
Master of Science in Statistical Computing, Data Mining
The Data Mining track in the Statistical Computing Master of Science program focuses on data mining and its application to business, social, and health problems. The program is suited for individuals who have completed an undergraduate program in mathematics, statistics, economics, business, or other related fields, and wish to pursue a career in data mining.
29. University of Cincinnati
Master of Science in Business Analytics
The Master of Science in Business Analytics is a degree combining operations research and applied statistics, using applied mathematics and computer applications, in a business environment; the program was formerly known as the MS in Quantitative Analysis (MSQA).
30. University of Connecticut
MS in Business Analytics and Project Management
The University of Connecticut’s Master of Science in Business Analytics and Project Management is designed to meet the growing demand for professionals who can harness advanced business analytics and project management skills.
31. University of Denver
MS in Business Intelligence
The Master of Science in Business Intelligence is a 58 credit program that can be completed in 12 months or part-time with a more flexible schedule. The program consists of core business intelligence courses, business ethics and courses from each of the primary disciplines of statistics, marketing, and information technology, plus an elective from one of these disciplines. The final is a practicum related to any one or a combination of the business intelligence disciplines.
32. University of Illinois
Master of Science in Statistics: Analytics Concentration
The Master of Science Concentration in Analytics combines the mathematical and statistical training of the traditional MS in Statistics with enhanced computational and data analytic training for those planning careers in information intensive industries or research. The program includes fundamental training in mathematical and applied statistics as well as specialized training in data management, analysis, and model building with large datasets and databases. The specialized courses have an emphasis on statistical computing, data management, and statistical learning, which encompasses the more statistical topics that fall under the broader title of data mining. Students are encouraged to gain experience in a business or consulting environment as part of the program.
33. University of Louisville
Graduate Certificate in Data Mining
The Graduate Certificate program can be completed entirely online or in combination with on-campus courses in 12 months. Learn data mining, warehousing, and analysis.
34. University of Maryland
Master of Science in Business for Marketing Analytics
The Master of Science in Business for Marketing Analytics will give students the knowledge and skills they need to apply marketing analytics to daily business practice. Learn how to harness and process massive amounts of data to help design products, predict the effects of marketing campaigns, and better understand customers. The program will provide students with an understanding of the mathematical and statistical models and tools needed for customer analysis in the context of marketing problems.
35. University of Michigan Dearborn
Master of Science in Business Analytics
At University of Michigan – Dearborn, the Master of Science Business Analytics program is designed for students who want to solve important business problems through the analysis of data and statistics. The program trains students to become data scientists and business analysts.
36. University of Notre Dame
Master’s Study in Predictive Analytics
Notre Dame’s Master of Science in Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics, with a specialty in Predictive Analytics, prepares students for critical positions in any data – intensive business. In this intensive 10-month program, students select courses and a real-world capstone project that are tailored to the industry in which they will seek employment.
37. University of San Francisco
Master of Science in Analytics/BI
The Master of Science in Analytics at the University of San Francisco is an intensive one year program that provides students with the skills necessary to develop techniques and processes for data-driven decision making.
MS in Analytics
The M.S. in Analytics at the University of San Francisco is an intensive one-year program that provides students with the skills necessary to develop techniques and processes for data-driven decision-making — the key to effective business strategies. You will study topics such as data mining, machine learning, statistical models, predictive analytics, econometrics, optimization, risk analysis, data visualization, business communication and management science.
38. University of South Florida
Analytics and Business Intelligence
Analytics and business intelligence skills are in great demand today. This certificate prepares students to acquire necessary skills in analytics and business intelligence as needed in the marketplace. Graduate students who take four of the five required courses, and earn a GPA of 3.0 or higher in these courses, will receive a “Joint SAS/USF Certificate in Analytics and Business Intelligence” when they use a SAS analytics package as part of some of these courses.
39. University of Tennessee
Master of Science in Business Analytics
Master of Science in Business Analytics students in this program develop an understanding of business — plus they develop the skills needed to work effectively in a business environment, and learn the analytic skills to solve business problems. In addition to the core analytic skills developed during the first year, the business analytics students choose one of two overlapping areas as a concentration: Applied Statistics & Process Optimization.
40. University of Texas Austin
Master of Science in Business Analytics
The Business Analytics concentration within the MSIROM degree program provides a strong foundation in data analytics by bringing together knowledge from applied statistics, applied mathematics, computer science, optimization, consumer behaviour, risk management, operations research and decision theory. Students will use this training to solve real problems in finance, marketing, accounting, and scientific applications. Students will also complete a Business Intelligence Capstone class, which includes an industry-sponsored project that incorporates the benefits of an internship and case competition.
41. University of Texas Dallas
Master of Science in Business Analytics
The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MS BA) degree requires a minimum of 36 semester credit hours, consisting of a set of core courses, and a set of analytics electives organized into different tracks. The core courses provide a broad and strong foundation in the business analytics area. The core covers statistics and econometrics, predictive modelling, decision and optimization (prescriptive) modelling, and data management. The analytics electives provide students with an opportunity to obtain in-depth analytics knowledge in a specific domain/industry.
42. University of Washington
Certificate in Data Science
The Data Science Certificate helps develop computer science, mathematics and analytical skills in the context of practical application needed to enter the field of data science. Discover how to use data science techniques to analyse and extract meaning from extremely large data sets, or “big data.” Become familiar with relational and non-relational databases as well as the strengths and weaknesses of database systems in an analytics context. Apply statistics, machine learning, text retrieval and natural language processing to analyse data and interpret results. Practice using these tools and techniques on data  sets of increasing complexity and scale. Understand how to apply data science to real-life scenarios.
43. Lewis University
Master of Science in Data Science (Online)
Lewis University’s Master of Science in Data Science degree program is designed to provide you a heightened mathematical and computer science skillset to address the issues surrounding the analysis of big data. The 36 credit hour program offers also provides you with skills in data mining, data visualization, predictive analysis and data management.
44. University of Wisconsin
UW Data Science Program (Online)
The online UW Master of Science in Data Science is a smart choice for busy adults who want to advance their careers—or start a whole new career—but don’t have time for on-campus courses. This data science master’s program will teach you how to harness the power of big data using the latest tools and analytical methods. Courses are taught by diverse and distinguished faculty from across the University of Wisconsin System. Tuition for the 2015/16 academic year is a flat fee of $825 per credit, $29,700 total tuition, whether you live in Wisconsin or out of state, and financial aid is available for students who quality.

  1. LKSDFORD 4 years ago

    I suggest separating the University of California programs (UC Irvine and UC San Diego). And why is University of California Berkeley: Master of Information and Data Science not on the list? I dont see Villinova’s or University of Southern California either.

  2. Sharon Jones 4 years ago

    North Carolina State University should be included.

  3. Justin 3 years ago

    Arizona State graduate business programs are top-notch! I earned my Master’s in Information Mgmt from ASU and have utilized the skills at work on a daily basis.

  4. Gaurav Sitaula 3 years ago

    I think you missed the Bowling Green State University, MS- Applied Statistics (concentration in Business Analytics).

  5. UTexasex 2 years ago

    I have been Director of Technical Support for a VLSI mainframe, data communication software (VTAM, TCP/IP and the integration of the transport layer of the SNA datagram over the IP packet) and integrating hardware, database software internals (ADABAS), btw…all of my work involved problem resolution of the internals of the system code involving all of the above software. I used SAS along with MXG as a capacity tool, but my old age and the infrequent amount of time that I really had to spend with this area, having staff who would put together reports on disk usage (not cpu, because with MVS, zOS, the happy number for utilization is 110%).
    Now instead of getting old and going off to an elephant graveyard and dying, I would like to revisit my SAS knowledge and include Text Mining and Data Warehousing. Finish within a year, and I already have offers to open my own consulting to compete with Booz, Hamilton, Rand, etc.
    So, if any of you good people could offer a fast track solution on who has the best and fastest certification programs in these areas, do answer back.

  6. Joe Schembri 2 years ago

    For those who are interested in taking courses on their schedule, Jacksonville University is now offering their MS in Applied Business Analytics online.

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