UK big data start-up aims to bring local renewable energy to all

A UK start-up based in London’s Tech City is developing a renewable energy peer-to-peer online marketplace to bring fairer, greener and cheaper energy to all.

Open Utility, co-founded by James Johnston and Andy Kilner, is marrying big data technology with Britain’s growing community renewables movement to change the way we buy and sell energy. The marketplace allows consumers to buy their energy from local, renewable sources if they choose to, and for producers to work out where they can strike the best deals to sell at. The start-up was recently awarded £10,000 from British Gas in its ‘Connecting Homes’ competition that aims to support energy innovation, and has just launched its first trial with a community energy project in Cornwall. A further £50,000 grant to further refine its solution is in the pipeline from a charity that can’t yet been named for legal reasons.

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