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UB-led team receives $1.4M grant to mine ‘big data’ for transportation improvements

Vehicles usually tell us when something is wrong, via some type of illuminated icon, with ample time to get it to a garage or gas station for proper maintenance. Imagine a world where cars also gave us an alert about an accident that just occurred an exit or two up from our current location on the highway, prompting us to prepare to proceed with caution and possibly be prepared to detour.
Although this is not yet a reality, a research group at the University of Buffalo is attempting to harness said information our cars could be giving us by outfitting vehicles with a device that is connected and constantly feeding into a data mining system that tracks real-time traffic through cameras, toll barriers and more.
I don’t know how George Orwell would react to this, but there are definitely some crazy drivers out there; one step towards people knowing your every move inside your automobile, one step towards safer roads. This could be a hard choice for some individuals, but for Adel Sadek, the decision is quite clear.

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