Twill on Apache: A New Weave

Using Hadoop running YARN to manage large clusters for Big Data analysis may soon become easier with a renamed open source project accepted by the Apache Foundation.
The Apache Foundation accepted the open source project Twill, named “Weave” while hosted on Github, after foundation members began voting for its inclusion on Nov. 8. Bringing the Twill project to Apache incubation will ensure that Twill is more accessible to application developers, according to the project’s sponsors.
Twill enables programmers to design tailored applications that sit on top of YARN to extract data and simplify Big Data processes. The YARN and Twill combination is one of several application solutions developed to work with large databases on Hadoop.
Twill’s mission is to ignite the next generation of Big Data application development by making Hadoop accessible to all developers, according to Andreas Neumann, chief architect at Continuuity, a cloud-based Big Data application platform maker for developers. Twill initially was developed at Continuuity under the “Weave” name.
“We think the broader community of Java developers will greatly benefit from Twill. So, we open-sourced it,” Neumann wrote in a company blog post.

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