Turning Big Data From A Liability To An Asset

Getting value from Big Data is a headline that is constantly being offered daily in multiple publications. A lot of what is said about Big Data is really just a spin on ways to sell “re-wrapped” products and services. My hope is that the information that is being offered in this blog provides meaningful suggestions that allow your company to gain significant competitive advantage from Big Data.

Companies are aggressively trying to figure out what Big Data means and how they can tackle the multiple obstacles they anticipate in order to gain significant value. This posting is the second in a series focused on the problem of addressing data liability. The goal of this series is to demystify the whole notion of harnessing Big Data from being a seemingly impossible, daunting task to an opportunity to create an invaluable asset that drives significant financial performance improvements. In the last issue, we talked about building organizational consensus. In this issue, we will look at the importance of building on that consensus to support an enterprise wide approach to maximize the value of Big Data.

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