Top IT trends in Real Estate Sector

The top IT trends that Real Estate Sector is witnessing are Big Data Management, ERP and Business networking solutions.

Big Data which was a concept few years back is now a reality. Understanding Big Data fundamentals has now become even more important for organizations that are aiming to automate their business processes and are capturing every client interaction events. India has lately seen huge surge in adoption of ERP systems across Industries that too in SME segments. A report from Gartner published in August 2013 says ” SaaS based ERP is going to grow by 28 per cent CAGR in India for next Five Years.”

India is undergoing a demographic transition and is gaining economically from the changing age structure. India’s youth population (15-32 years) comprising nearly 40 per cent of the urban population is fast becoming a new set of consumers for whom marketers are working their way up to delight.

With their inexhaustible and ever-increasing demand for the very best, this class of youth today aspires equally high or even more as their disposal incomes soars. This is putting a compelling need on the New Age Marketers to give them nothing less than the ‘Best’.

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