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Top Business Intelligence (BI) tools in the market

This article aims to list all top BI (Business Intelligence) products available on the market. It should help interested users to compare and select the best solution for their needs. According to the list of best business intelligence tools prepared by experts from FinancesOnline the leading solutions in this category comprise of systems designed to capture, categorize, and analyze corporate data and extract best practices for improved decision making. The more advanced the system is, the more data sources it will combine, including internal metrics coming from different company departments, and external data extracted from third-party systems, social media channels, emails, or even macroeconomic data. Ultimately, business intelligence software helps companies gain insight on their overall growth, sales trends, and customer behavior.

1. Sisense

Sisense is one of the leaders in the BI market and a winner of the Best Business Intelligence Software Award for 2016 from FinancesOnline, one of the most popular business software review platforms. This solution capable to effectively simplify complex data analyses, and make big data insights accessible even for startups and small companies. The competitive edge of Sisense is primarily its capacity to collate data from multiple sources without pricey preparations (sources can be Salesforce, Google Analytics, AdWords, and many more). Users will also enjoy the tool’s very efficient use of in-chip technology in a database that processes data 10 times faster than traditional systems. Sisense also works with the innovative ElastiCube technology, which means it can import large sets of data and work with any CPU layout without compromising the quality of your results. If you are interested to learn more about its features you can actually try out the software yourself with a great free trial plan they offer. You can easily sign up for Sisense free trial here.

2. Actuate Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT)

BIRT project is a flexible, open source, and 100% pure Java reporting tool for building and publishing reports against data sources ranging from typical business relational databases, to XML data sources, to in-memory Java objects. BIRT is developed as a top-level project within the Eclipse Foundation and leverages the rich capabilities of the Eclipse platform and a very active open source community of users. Using BIRT, developers of all levels can incorporate powerful reporting into their Java, J2EE and Eclipse-based applications.

3. icCube

icCube is a SaaS end to end BI platform, specialized to be embedded in your application. Deploy it on premises, in the cloud or make use of one of their managed services and enjoy a short time to market for custom feature requests. It integrates seamlessly with any application because of the on-the-fly-authentication and authorization (up to cell level), the ability to connect and combine any custom data source, direct access to Java and R, a web based dashboard builder and the ability to graphically design widgets from scratch. Basically, icCube is the dream for any software developer who needs to provide predefined dashboards or a solid web based self service BI solution, to their end-users.

4. Domo

Domo’s Business Optimization Software brings together the people, the data, and the insights business users need to deliver a detailed view of what’s happening in your organization. Connect all of your crucial business data, collaborate with fellow employees, and get powerful visual data—all within one customizable platform.

5. Board Management Intelligence Toolkit

BOARD toolkit combines various BI and CPM functionalities within a single graphical software environment. BOARD’s BI capabilities include multi-dimensional analysis, ad hoc querying, dashboarding and reporting, while its CPM capabilities include budgeting, planning and forecasting as well as “other finance-related activities”.Like Business Intelligence software in general, BOARD is used in an effort to improve productivity and decision making while lowering costs. It does not require any programming skills to build BI and CPM applications.

6. Clear Analytics

Clear Analytics is incredibly intuitive Excel-based solution with minimal training required. Employees with a basic knowledge of Excel can learn the system rapidly, so businesses can implement a fully-operational, self-service Business Intelligence system with little downtime and almost no learning curve. Clear Analytics offers a variety of BI-specific features to help generate, automate, analyze, and visualize a company’s key data and information. Clear Analytics also enables consolidation of data from multiple data sources and all within excel.

7. Ducen

Companies need to keep an eye on every revenue generating event and cost saving opportunity while improving customer satisfaction and retention. By combining historical data with real-time operational data for analysis, business users can make more informed, proactive decisions. However, to achieve these efficiencies, data must be available real-time.

8. Gooddata

GoodData powers the All Data Enterprise by offering an Open Analytics Platform that supports both IT’s need for Data Governance, security and oversight and business users desires for self-service Data Discovery.The platform consolidates data of any size, typically found both inside organizations and in the cloud, creating an analytic experience that is both fast and agile for users, yet protected, managed and secured for IT.

9. IBM Cognos Intelligence

Information silos, multiple platforms and excessive reliance on spreadsheets can hinder the process of analyzing your business data to understand performance and recommend improvements With business analysis software from IBM, you can explore information from different angles and perspectives and compare it with data in motion and trends for a more extensive view of your business. The facts you need for better results are right at your fingertips.

10. Insightsquared

Successful sales strategy is dependent on understanding the customer. But for small and medium businesses building up the kind of intelligence database needed can be time consuming and take staff away from the task of actually selling. It can be many months before the implementation of a traditional sales intelligence platform bears fruit.

11. JasperSoft

The Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite offers a number of ways for end users to perform interactive analysis. For the most casual user, this might involve simply changing a filter setting on a report to view a different slice of data. For a data analyst this could mean writing powerful, multi-dimensional expressions.

12. Looker

Looker is a data-discovery platform that helps companies make better business decisions through real-time access to data. Data, no matter the size, can be analysed within Looker’s 100% in-database and 100% browser-based platform. Looker analytics integrate with any SQL database or data warehouse, such as Amazon Redshift and Greenplum.

13. Microsoft BI platform

Microsoft Business Intelligence platform include Analysis Services, Integration Services, Master Data Services, Reporting Services, and several client applications used for creating or working with analytical data. This section of the SQL Server Setup documentation explains how to install these features. Analysis Services and Reporting Services can be installed as standalone servers, in scale-out configurations, or as shared service applications in a SharePoint farm. Installing the services in a farm enables BI features that are only available in SharePoint, including PowerPivot for SharePoint and Power View, the Reporting Services ad hoc interactive report designer that runs on PowerPivot or Analysis Services tabular model databases.

14. MicroStrategy

From local spreadsheet data to enterprise data systems to cloud-based data, MicroStrategy provides effortless access to all business data from one place. Use data connectors that are optimized for each source, and allow queries to reach their greatest performance potential. Connect to one source or many, separately or in combination. Gain the pure play advantage of superior R&D focus on strong technology partnerships and high speed analytics.

15. MITS

Over 1,000 companies are using MITS Distributor and Manufacturer Analytics to empower everyone—from the CEO to purchasers to sales reps—to make better decisions with tools designed specifically for their role. By combining flexible, user-friendly business intelligence tools with premade and customizable reports, dashboards, and scorecards ready to run for your business systems, MITS helps users quickly gain value from their analytics and business system investments through improvements in cash flow, profitability, and business growth.

16. OpenI

OpenI provides a web-driven interface to build and publish interactive reports from OLAP data sources. Going beyond that, OpenI aims to provide consolidated analysis from all the key data components of an intelligent application. Our key goal is to take away the complexity of creating and publishing reports for business users. OpenI does this by providing a clean, intuitive interface to connect to different types of data sources, and to publish web-based interactive reports. If you want to build web-based intelligent applications that interact with your OLAP data sources.

17. Oracle BI

Oracle BI is a comprehensive collection of enterprise business intelligence functionality that provides the full range of business intelligence capabilities, including dashboards, full ad hoc, proactive intelligence and alerts, and so on. Typically, organizations track and store large amounts of data about products, customers, prices, contacts, activities, assets, opportunities, employees, and other elements. This data is often spread across multiple databases in different locations with different versions of database software.

18. Oracle Enterprise BI Server

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g is a comprehensive business intelligence platform that delivers a full range of capabilities including interactive dashboards, ad hoc queries, notifications and alerts, enterprise and financial reporting, scorecard and strategy management, business process invocation, search and collaboration, mobile, integrated systems management and more. OBIEE 11g is based on a proven web service-oriented unified architecture that integrates with an organization’s existing information technology infrastructure for the lowest total cost of ownership and highest return on investment.

19. Oracle Hyperion System

Oracle acquired Hyperion, a leading provider of performance management software. The transaction extends Oracle’s business intelligence capabilities to offer the most comprehensive system for enterprise performance management. The acquisition of Hyperion extends our business intelligence product strategy. Customers are increasingly using performance management and business intelligence together. Hyperion adds complementary products to Oracle’s business intelligence offerings including a leading enterprise planning solution, world-class financial close and reporting products, and a powerful multi-source OLAP server. Coupled with Oracle’s BI tools and pre-packaged analytic applications, the combination redefines business intelligence and performance management.

20. Palo OLAP Server

Palo is a memory resident multidimensional (online analytical processing (OLAP) or multidimensional online analytical processing (MOLAP)) database server and typically used as a business intelligence tool for controlling and budgeting purposes with spreadsheet software acting as the user interface. Beyond the multidimensional data concept, Palo enables multiple users to share one centralised data storage.

21. Pentaho

Pentaho addresses the barriers that block your organization’s ability to get value from all your data. Our platform simplifies preparing and blending any data and includes a spectrum of tools to easily analyze, visualize, explore, report and predict. Open, embeddable and extensible, Pentaho is architected to ensure that each member of your team — from developers to business users can easily translate data into value.

22. Profit base

Profitbase SIM is a full scale financial planning and simulation tool for budgeting and forecasting where Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements are fully integrated. SIM enables management to simulate business scenarios and immediately see the financial impact. SIM delivers a wide selection of standard reports, graphical charts and features seamless integration with Profitbase Studio and WebPlan.

23. QlikView

The QlikView Business Discovery platform delivers true self-service BI that empowers business users by driving innovative decision-making,Develop, enhance, re-engineer, maintain and support QlikView applications to create robust services around business requirements to inform business decision-making and Understand all the data that the business holds and create sustainable reporting solutions ensuring the accuracy of the data.

24. Rapid insight

Rapid Insight is a leading provider of business intelligence and automated predictive analytics software. With a focus on ease of use and efficiency, Rapid Insight products enable users to turn their raw data into actionable information. The company’s analytic software simplifies the extraction and analysis of data, enabling clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies to fully utilize their information for data-driven decision making.

25. SAP business intelligence

Predictive analytics give your decision makers the insight they need to predict new developments, capitalize on future trends, and respond to challenges before they happen. SAP’s market-leading combination of real-time business intelligence (BI) and predictive analytics make it easy for you to extract forward-looking insights from Big Data, harness the power of R, and create stunning data visualizations with ease.

26. SAP BusinessObjects

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office is an Office add-in that allows multidimensional ad-hoc analysis of OLAP sources in Excel. It also allows, Excel workbook-based application design and creation of BI presentations in PowerPoint. It perfectly connects to SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP HANA.

27. SAP NetWeaver BW

Quickly Capture, store, and consolidate your vital information with our real-time data warehouse platform. Tightly integrate your warehousing capabilities for a single version of the truth, decision-ready business intelligence, and accelerated operations.Supercharge your data warehouse environment with SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA.

28. SAS BI

According to Forrester, SAS has not only been a market leader in advanced predictive analytics, but also a provider of a formidable BI platform. Customers select SAS for its well-integrated, one-stop platform, a significant part of which is its BI capabilities. SAS provides scalability, excellent data integration, multiple query languages, internationalization, customization through a rich set of APIs, advanced analytics tools, MDM, performance management, and reporting and querying. SAS ranks eighth on number of Forrester BI inquiries. Recent market survey data indicates that 14% of corporate customers depend on SAS for their BI needs.

29. Silvon

Business Intelligence solution provider Silvon Software, bring a powerful, web-based business analysis software interface to retailers. Under the terms of the agreement, RPE will market Silvon’s Viewer interface for Performance Analysis by IDEAS, a client-server BI application for JDA Software Group’s Merchandise Management System. This new optional interface for Performance Analysis by IDEAS will provide many added features for today’s mobile professionals.

30. Solver

The solver in excel is part of an analysis tool known as “what ifs analysis”. You can use solver to ascertain an optimal value in one cell known as the “target cell”. Basically, solver is used for a group of cells that are directly or indirectly related. Constraints can also be applied to minimize the value that can be used by Solver. This article will provide step-by-step guide on how to use solver to find solution to a business problem.

31. SpagoBI

SpagoBI supports the real-time monitoring, analysis and presentation of business data and processes. You can keep business processes under control by constantly monitoring their state.SpagoBI allows you to go further than this: you can detect inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your business processes, promptly react to events requiring quick decision making, as well as discover new business opportunities hidden in your own data.

32. SQL Server Analysis Services

Server Analysis Services platform, build high performance analytical models (multidimensional and tabular) that can be used for interactive data analysis, reporting, and visualization. SQL Server provides a comprehensive analytical and modeling experience to support rapid solution prototyping and support for the largest enterprise-grade solutions.

33. Style Intelligence

Style Intelligence is business intelligence software for dashboards, reporting, visual analysis, and data mashups. It blends enterprise strength with a small, 100% Java footprint. Unlike traditional BI platforms, Style Intelligence does not require specialized BI skills or consultants to implement or use. It delivers maximum self-service that is both end-user and IT-friendlier than other BI solutions.

34. Syntell solutions

Syntel’s Technology Outsourcing services deliver value and provide solutions that transcend platforms. Leverage Syntel’s expertise in managing business processes, systems and platforms in order to reap the benefits of an innovative and collaborative outsourcing partnership. Syntel understands your pain points and offers a set of distinctive services that enhance your operations across the applications and IT environments. Syntel designs a client-specific strategy to achieve your desired objectives, and our services help you create a strategy based on the value to your business.

35. Targit

TARGIT fights all unnecessary clicks that only make your life difficult. TARGIT BI Suite has a very unique and intuitive user interface you have to see it to believe it! You will experience an integrated and ready-to-use set of tools which enables you to create intelligent dashboards, revealing analyses and insightful reports in fewer clicks than with any other Business Intelligence solution on the market. TARGIT will accelerate decision making, increase operational awareness, and improve performance across the organization. TARGIT BI Suite is so easy to use that all employees can follow trends, create all types of analyses, and make decisions.

36. Vismatica

Vismatica by IronRock Software is powerful data visualization solution geared toward small to medium businesses. Dashboard development tools make up the core of this system, but Vismatica also empowers you to create powerful data collection forms and conduct data analysis. It can be deployed on premise or over the web as a hosted solution. Vismatica comes with additional features for sharing documents and designing web applications.

37. WebFOCUS

The WebFOCUS Business Intelligence and Analytics platform empowers everyone in your organization to make smarter, more confident decisions. WebFOCUS extends to your customers and partners, too, giving them easy access to analytic apps and tools from any browser or mobile device.

38. Yellowfin BI

Data to dashboards Yellowfin delivers a brilliant analytical experience. Our interface is more than beautiful it provides all the data discovery features that you will ever need. All this whilst providing a fine balance between the ease of use business users require and the governance needs of enterprise IT.

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