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Top 8 apps that enhance the employee productivity

Maintaining a firm footing in the marketplace demands immense flexibility. While existing in the middle of expanding corporate structures and digital development, companies realize the benefits of embracing technology. Dramatic changes brought to us by the digital boom have changed the game for major companies across the globe.

Stats reveal that by 2021, the number of smartphone users will rise to 3.8 billion. This points to the fact that jumping onto the digital bandwagon is a must for businesses today.

Often the basic technical leap is to create a smartphone app for your business. It could be to conduct communication, collaboration or take care of simple operations. In fact, it is quite possible you are already using an app as part of your job each day.

This brings us down to discuss the impact of these apps on the internal functions of an organization. Apart from making things easier for managers to handle, some apps could improve morale and raise the productivity of the workforce. But it all depends on how you use these tools.

We have compiled a list of best apps that will help you improve the productivity of your company. These apps will allow you to structure an employee force that’s committed and passionate about working for you.

  1. Asana

Asana is a project management tool that integrates the features of popular apps like Basecamp and Trello. It allows for setting goals with pre-set deadlines. In this way, you can create projects, set goals and then manage each step of the process. Like Trello, you can shift boards between different members to coordinate tasks between them.

Asana provides tools to measure where you are in your project. This helps in managing team calendars. It works as a perfect productivity tool that enables small business owners to organize their goals, all at one place.

You can integrate Asana with other workplace apps like Google Drive, Gmail, and Slack. However, the app only comes with limited features in the free version. You can go for full access after a month’s free trial if you find it viable for your business management.

  1. Huddle

Huddle, is again, a task management app that will allow your employees to keep track of their work. They can identify the tasks they have to perform, control their workflow and shift tasks to other members when the need arises.

The best part is, you can do it all by being offline. You can review and approve files without going online. Another feature of this app is that it allows you to share objectives, feedback, conduct discussions, and collaborate with other employees. We can safely state it to be the one-stop dashboard that amplifies employee productivity.

  1. Basecamp

Basecamp provides an instant solution to all your business troubles. It is a communication tool to manage projects and work out discussions among all the stakeholders. It comes with a whole list of sections under each project. There is a to-do list, a message bar, a folder to save files, and chatroom for general discussions among the team.

Like apps we discussed earlier, this one also enables the team to view the performance of each project. But it’s a bit expensive than others. Developers state that its exceptional features and capabilities make it a better solution than others in the market.

  1. HipChat

HipChat, as the name suggests, is a chat tool for your team to communicate while they are working on a certain project. They can share files and their reviews on the ongoing topic. The users can chat in different groups at once while the app backs up all conversations. This makes it easy for searching views on a topic at a later date.

There are features of video and screen sharing, too. All in all, it has everything a team needs for smooth collaboration.

  1. StaffConnect

There is a growing realization in the corporate sector that workers yearn for communication. Monotonous operations and lack of communications can result in employees having low connectivity to the company. Hence, having tools to optimize their performance is essential.

StaffConnect provides a promising solution for all employees to contribute and access information from their phones. Plus, you can also ask them to fill surveys, give their feedback and have a closer connection with the authorities.

Following the structure of this app, you can also go for customized features. There are professional agencies like App Verticals who could design an app that fits your business structure and adheres to the same design as StaffConnect.

In the end, it’s all about how you enhance employee engagement.

  1. IFTTT

IFTTT helps to connect various devices and applications so that all devices sync and work on the same page. For example, you can shift your emails directly on Google Drive. Or you can log every call that you make to Google Spreadsheet.

Since there is an option to connect various apps, you can pick the ones that you need. The aim is to bridge the gap between two programs that are common in a company. On top of everything, the app is free. You can check it out and discard later if it doesn’t work well for your business.

  1. Trello

Trello is a good app for project-based business entities. In this app, you can create cards specific to a project and drag them to different sections as the assignment proceeds. It is a quick, simple and easy way to monitor the performance of your team members.

Some other features of this app are that you can set priorities, add attachments, provide instructions, or put labels. This app is free and works quite well for task management.

  1. When I work

This is an app to keep track of staff hours. You can create a web-based scheduling interface that can help your employees to stick to their schedules, whether they are at the office or away. They receive a notification when there is a vacancy or a missed shift.

This app is easy, effective and highly intuitive.


Having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. Don’t wait any longer. Give a competitive edge to your business right away by introducing these tools to your workers and enjoy the benefits attached to these apps.

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