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Three myths about data scientists and big data

Here are my reactions to the LinkedIn conversation about the “Statistical data scientists”. In short, I believe that modern big data needs new ways of processing data, and that data scientists are polyvalent (versatile) with deep expertise in a few domains, across multiple disciplines, as well as mastering original data science core material as found in my book.

Data scientists who know data engineering

Pretty much any data is special and has its own intricacies, not just click data. I think your disagreement with me stems from the fact that you want to narrow down the role of the data scientist to a traditional statistician, while I want to expand his competencies to include data engineering and business decisioning. Perhaps because of your experience with big companies, you tend to favor division of roles, but in start-ups sometimes you don’t have business analysts, data engineers, data architects, statisticians, but just one guy: a data scientist.

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