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The White House Big Data report: 10 Issues, actions or recommendations that should be in the report out this week

The White House will release its report on “Big Data” this week. While it will no doubt include laudatory language on the positive potential of Big-Data to help achieve a more just and healthier society and robust economy, it will raise concerns about the negative consequences of the system now in place. Here are at least 10 recommendations or actions we believe should appear in report:

The online data industry has created a commercial surveillance state.

The FTC and CFPB should launch investigations into how “Big Data” applications are used to target consumers for financial and health products (and FTC urged to release its databroker study as soon as possible).

The CFPB should issue regulations governing the use of data in the creation and marketing of consumer financial products (such as with Payday loans).

Race and ethnicity should be defined as “sensitive” information, with their use governed by safeguards (opt-in, etc.). Other sensitive categories should be made more explicit for serious safeguards, inc. financial, health, geo-location and teen data.

The White House should introduce a Bill that would implement its now more than two-year old proposed Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights. It would release its legislative language.

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