The unfulfilled promises of big data

After several years of non-stop hype by virtually everyone associated with the notion of big data, I believe that it is time to issue a scorecard regarding all of the promises that have been made but remain unfulfilled.

How would you measure the success (or otherwise) of big data at this point? I would offer the following categories for consideration, along with the grades that they merit.

Enterprises have traditionally been slow in the up-take of new paradigms and technologies without a compelling business requirement. Big data has clearly had such a requirement in my opinion, as most business leaders have been clamouring for a means to fully exploit their available (and third-party) information assets for analytical purposes in order to create competitive advantage. Once again, however, the discussion – and apparent focus – has been on technology and its assimilation into an enterprise landscape. This has led directly to a low adoption rate, other than tinkering by IT development teams.

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