The robots have busted brackets, too

Dayton upset Ohio State in the first game of the NCAA tournament’s “second round” and that means that you’re bracket is already a total sh**show. So much for the private island and trip to the moon you were fixing to buy with Warren Buffett’s cash.

It happens almost every year. A VCU or a George Mason or a Butler lights the world on fire and surprises the hell out of Jay Bilas and everyone else who is armed with enough knowledge to falsely lead you to believe they’re going to be more effective at selecting winners in what is, essentially, a mostly random series of events.

But, in the era of big data and analytic statistics, are the robots able to cut through all of that white noise and punditry about “grit” to see the future and predict March Madness winners more impressively than us mere mortals?

Turns out only a little. Over at PandoDaily, David Holmes spoke with some basketball nerds and big data prophets to try to figure out if Rosie would have taken down the Jetsons Family March Madness Pool.

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