The Rise of 'Nudge' Advertising

Personalized ads, which deliver sophisticated, individualized mobile messages based on a user’s exact location, have arrived in a big way. Does it feel like 1984 yet?

Back in December, Apple activated iBeacon, allowing it to track shoppers (with their permission) in all 254 of its retail locations in the U.S. and send them in-store notifications about upcoming deals and events.

The NFL is following Apple’s lead: the same technology (via transmitters) will welcome fans at both Times Square and MetLife Stadium this weekend, The New York Times reported. Once users have downloaded the brand’s app and given permission to receive alerts, the NFL can send them location based messages, including directions and nearby promotional offers.

If this seems like the future, then the future has arrived. According to the Times, these same transmitters will be installed in several hundred stores and public areas in the next few months, including at two dozen Major League Baseball stadiums and a large number of Macy’s and American Eagle Outfitters stores.

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