The Quant of One: Big Data’s Next Big Thing

We all love a good sound bite, a snappy label, a catchy tag. Our necks snap, our attention is caught, and we fall in love. New Labour. The Third Way. A Roadmap to Peace. Yes We Can. The Fiscal Cliff. Big Data.

Editorial 101: give ‘em the quotable and instantly re-quotable. This is how ideas spread. And there’s only one thing more contagious than an idea. It’s an idea that can evolve, that serves as an open mic, that everyone can riff on. Because no sooner do we ingest and espouse these headline ideas, than we desire to then spin them in fresh, ever-revolving directions.

The best headlines are the invitation to become evolving thoughts.

Take ‘Big Data’. It’s been the label du jour long enough for speculators to question if it’s time to fire up a new dawn and invert the prefix. Maybe data is no longer big? Maybe it’s small?

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