The oral thermometer that taps into the brilliance of smartphones and big data

Facebook was the first time most of us experienced how great a social network can be. It was the Web site that connected everyone. Now there are popular Web sites that cater to connecting narrower groups such as job seekers (LinkedIn) or those who are looking for romance (OkCupid) or restaurant reviews (Yelp).

Every year. new services enter the mainstream and better connect niche communities that would benefit from sharing, such as parents who want to keep their kids healthy. That’s where the Kinsa Smart Thermometer comes in.

It’s an oral thermometer that plugs into a smartphone and powers a free app that shares health information. Kinsa aims to better track and stop illnesses by creating a real-time map of human health. The app tracks a person’s temperature and symptoms. Kinsa then crunches the data of all its users to inform them of what illnesses are spreading where.

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