The hottest new thing in recommendations: The “Why?”

Call it a filter bubble, call it personalization overload, call it the Amazon effect. Recommendation engines, created by algorithms, have a serious impact on the way we navigate the Web.
The first generation of the Web brought the world to our fingertips, but it turns out the world is a big place. This generation is about distilling what we really want, even if we don’t know we want it.
We need recommendation tools to sort through all the noise online, so we have Pulse, or Bloglovin or Flipboard to recommend news articles to read. We have shopping sites like Wanelo, Svpply, Pickie and even Pinterest to curate shoppable items and for music, we have Songza and Soundwave to recommend playlists and new artists. Foursquare recommends the best bars nearby, Sosh and Stash recommend the best weekend activities and Jukely, Songkick, Thrillcall and BandsInTown curate concert listings for you.

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