The future of databases: A chat about managing and scaling ‘agile Big Data’ in the cloud

As Big Data has gotten bigger and bigger, and businesses demand more and more out of their data, traditional database structures just don’t cut it anymore. The traditional single static repository simply isn’t equipped to handle the industry’s rapidly evolving needs.

Cory Isaacson, database technology veteran and the CEO of agile Big Data technology provider CodeFutures, believes we need to rethink the role of databases in a cloud and mobile-dominated landscape. He has worked with database technologies for 25 years, from the early days of Sybase to MySQL and SQL, in-memory databases, and more recently open-source database projects such as MapDB. An early startup of Isaacson’s built some of the first big client-server applications for the entertainment industry in the early 1980s, and in the decades since he has started and sold several consulting companies, and spent several years heading up Rogue Wave before starting CodeFutures in 2007.

SD Times spoke with Isaacson ahead of his upcoming talk, “Scaling and Managing Big Data: Have We Been Looking at Databases Wrong This Whole Time?” about how databases have changed, scaling in the cloud, and why “agile Big Data” is the future.

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