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Personalizing the customer experience
Digital capabilities can turn the customer journey into something that’s highly personalized.
It’s the way in which the device connects with the interaction that you have with a branch teller, how that connects with the messages you get as a customer with your mailbox, and all of that being delivered in a way that is seamless, that knows you, that recognizes you, that rewards you for your relationship with the bank. There’s a lot of amazing stuff that will likely happen—and is happening today in that space. And I think there will be a huge opportunity for banks to innovate. They will need to challenge everything, never settling on the status quo—much as the airline industry transformed air travel from an in-person, paper-based experience to one of almost complete automation. It’ll also be important for banks to be relentless about learning from every customer interaction. After all, 86 percent of customers stop doing business with a company due to poor service.

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