Tech 10: Must-See Big Data Storage Products

With the amount of data generated by IT systems doubling roughly every two years, IT managers are pulling their hair out trying to find a way to store all that information without breaking the bank. Throw in cloud computing and virtualized IT systems and the once relatively straight-forward chore of storing data has become very complex indeed.

Much of the buying decision comes down to balancing performance against cost. If the data needs to be quickly accessible, high performance (such as that provide by flash technology) is needed. Or are we talking about backing up and archiving data? That means high-capacity systems are called for. This month’s Tech Ten features a number of recently introduced data storage systems that can help IT managers meet the big data challenge.

The StorTrends 3500i SSD Array combines solid state drive caching and SSD tiering in a single storage appliance that’s optimized to support VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. The system, available as a hybrid or full flash array, delivers up to 56 TB of raw storage capacity in a 3U configuration, expandable up to 256 TB.

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