Survey: Only 32% of Utilities Know What Kind of Data Analytics They Use

The results of an inaugural report by Black & Veatch, 2014 Strategic Directions: Utility Automation & Integration, show that utilities are interested in remote monitoring, asset maintenance and data analytics, but deploying those technologies effectively is a bit of a head-scratcher for many utilities.
Some of the confusion may be in the language. Although the question was clear, perhaps the operational teams, which made up about half of the respondents, aren’t trained on the different flavors of data analytics, such as predictive versus prescriptive analytics. Additionally, respondents were allowed to pick more than one answer, which could have muddied the results.
But “I don’t know” was a concerning, yet popular, answer for various questions, including queries about what data is used for, remote monitoring, cloud services and emerging technologies. “Some of that is the need to bridge IT and OT,” said Marty Travers, president of Black & Veatch’s telecommunications business.

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