Supplier Diversity needs cleaned and enriched small or Big data!

Today, more and more firms are forced to focus on data enrichment efforts for various reasons including improving data quality and turning data into enterprise intelligence. According to numerous media sources (i.e. Gartner Research, Duns & Bradstreet, etc.), data enrichment inevitably will require “categorization” as a key step to developing a strategic content digitization program. In order to effectively categorize content (i.e. text, web, audio, video, or data) and begin a journey into enterprise intelligence stewardship, the content must first be “cleaned and enriched” in order to improve the quality of enterprise-wide content repository.

Clearly, it would be impossible to cover each of the content categories in detail given space and time constraints; therefore, this article will highlight the data category and the “cleaned and enriched” aspects from the perspective of improving supplier diversity.

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