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Splunk, Big Data and Modern Cyber Security

Among the various guests broadcast on theCUBE this week from the Las Vegas Splunk Conference .conf2013 was Demetrios Lazarikos, also known as “Laz”. Lazarikos has a real-world perspective on current security and technologies with a background as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the Sears Online Business Unit, and as an IT Security Strategist and Thought Leader. He shared some thoughts on Splunk, Big Data, and security with Dave Vellante and Jeff Kelly.
Lazarikos shared some of his background and gave some perspective on how security has become so important through the ages. While there were a handful of organizations that were early in taking security seriously, it wasn’t until PCI-DSS came into the picture around the year 2000 that companies largely started to become more serious about security. Obvious early adopters were government and financial institutions, but it wasn’t long after for Lazarikos that Sears Online came knocking. They were looking to build a security platform from the ground up and gave Lazarikos all the latitude that would be required to keep the security platform as flexible, scalable, and obviously secure as can be.

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