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Southwest Airlines uses big data to deliver excellent customer Service

Southwest Airlines, the low-cost carrier from Dallas, is one of the most admired companies in the world. The airline company was established in 1971. They employ more than 45.000 employees and carry every year over 100 million passengers to 97 destinations with 696 Boeing jets. They are globally recognized for their excellent Customer Service. They have gained a lot of benefits and competitive advantages from using their core business data and they have been doing that already long before big data was called big data. They apply big data throughout various departments of the organisations, all with the objective to deliver the highest quality of customer service.
Just recently, Southwest Airlines announced to head to the clouds with a new suite of customer contact and workforce optimization solutions provided by Aspect. This allows Southwest Airlines to provide even better customer service using more data analysis. Front-line personnel will receive real-time KPI dashboards related to operational and strategic goals. They will use speech analytics to extract deep and meaningful information out of live-recorded interactions between customers and personnel. This will deliver Southwest Airlines more information in what the customers are looking for and how their experience with Southwest Airlines is. Different metrics will guide the personnel in their objective to deliver high-quality service.

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