Sixteen ways councils can better use data

“If we want people to use the data, we need to talk to them about how it can help them, on their terms. Not data for data’s sake.’

1. Freedom of information needs some work

The Freedom of Information requests I’ve made have been really disappointing. It does seem as though the process organisations put in place is often designed to release the least possible data to the public. There have been cases where the time spent denying my request has undoubtedly been longer than writing the report to provide it. It’s very disappointing.

– Simon Whitehouse provides digital consultation.

2. Stop prevaricating about open data

I blogged recently about how local authorities need to stop prevaricating about open data release: The City As A Platform – Stripping Out Complexity and Making Things Happen.

– Emer Coleman is a strategic consultant largely in the area of technology and change.


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