Silicon Valley Startups Paying for Employees to Get Pregnant

Catered lunches and unlimited vacation days may be standard Silicon Valley startup benefits. But a service that helps employees get pregnant? That’s a new one.

On Thursday, fertility startup Glow announced that Eventbrite and Evernote have signed up for its new employee benefit service. Employees offered the benefit get free access to Glow’s big data-powered fertility coaching app, as the sponsoring employer pays the bill.

“What we’ve seen from Eventbrite, Evernote and other companies we’re talking to is they very much have one common theme: They are progressive employers,” says Glow CEO Mike Huang. “They understand the importance of helping to support overall wellness and health.”

Productivity startup Evernote is valued at more than $1 billion and has hundreds of employees. Eventbrite also reportedly has hundreds on its team. Both companies are based in Silicon Valley.

Evernote did not return requests for comment. Eventbrite’s executive in charge of the Glow partnership is on maternity leave according to a company spokesperson, and could not be reached in time for publication.

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