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Sex, Toys, and Big Data

In this last blog of 2013, I want to make some serious points that should be front and center (he said coyly) for all analytic, BI and big data professionals next year. In fact, they should be already. And if not, I urge you to use some reflection time over the coming holiday to make them so.
Let’s start with sex… toys. Consider the value of deep analytic big data monitoring to enforce the following two verified laws in the USA: (i) you may not have more than two dildos in the same house in Arizona and (ii) it’s illegal to own more than six dildos in Texas. (I refuse to speculate on why Texans may be less susceptible to moral degeneracy than citizens of Arizona.) I suspect most of us are mildly amused by such legislation. Many have probably long taken comfort in the belief that it is unenforceable; after all, who can imagine the local cops breaking into your home on suspicion that you are hoarding sex toys? But wait. Haven’t the authorities in the US and other countries been rummaging through your digital drawers for years now, and without any just cause for suspicion? Hasn’t at least one supermarket chain collated and analyzed data to determine if its (female) customers have recently become pregnant? Haven’t two technology companies applied for patents to spy on (sorry, gather behavioral data to enable better targeted advertising to) you via your living room TV? How far will government and business go in mining our personal lives, our sexuality, our bodies, our social circles to (allegedly) protect us, cure us or sell us more (unnecessary) stuff.

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