Servers Are So 5 Minutes Ago—The Cloud is the New Black

With so much of our personal lives “on the cloud,” so to speak, it seems there is a slow shuffle toward this ethereal space in the business world. But why? Why would we trust the Google+ images cloud to be in charge of storing precious pictures of our newborns, puppies, wedding days, and first days of kindergarten but not trust them with an excel spreadsheet?
It seems the fear is based more in irrational thinking than in good business sense. In the work world, we tend to stick with what works, even years after it’s been outdated. Take a look around—is there a fax machine in your office? Exactly. There are at least ten other better ways to get information back and forth to people than a fax machine, yet they still sell, and we’re still using them. “Faxes” can now be sent via smart phone, and for phablets (phone-tablets) like the Samsung Note II, notes can be written, documents can be signed, and more, making the facsimile totally obsolete. But even those of us with a Note II in hand are still guilty of faxing the old fashioned way at least once in a while.

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