Revealing Data Science’s Job Potential

Data Science is gaining traction in the industry, as analytics, data collection, sensors, and Big Data become a more regular part of our online existence. O’Reilly Media, Inc. recently released a survey that it had conducted during 2012 and 2013 on its audience for its Strata Conference focused on this topic in advance of its event on February 11-13, in Santa Clara.
[As a note for the data scientists reading this, the two surveys were conducted only about 4 months apart according to the O’Reilly team, which should reduce the variations due to the multiple collection intervals over time. n=523, 387 from 2012 and 136 from 2013. Per one of the authors, John King, “while there were some differences in basic demographics between the conferences’ subsamples (e.g., startups had a greater presence in the Santa Clara subsample), the main patterns we present in the report are valid for each subsample. ” ]

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