Regents OK Missoula College to offer computer security certificate program

Missoula College received approval this week to launch a new certificate program designed to help students thwart the efforts of hackers and help businesses meet their computer-based security needs.

The network and information security program was approved by the Montana Board of Regents during a conference call on Tuesday. The first two courses are expected to begin this spring, helping students compete for jobs that are growing in demand.

“This involves learning how to hack, how to stop hackers, how to repair the damage that has been done and how to build systems that protect people from hackers in the future,” said University of Montana Provost Perry Brown. “They’ll learn all those skills and go into a business and work with them to make sure their networks and systems are as prepared as possible.”

Hackers have made headline news in recent years, both locally and nationally. On the national level, Target confirmed last month that hackers stole debit card PINs from millions of store customers, resulting in a drop in business for the retailer.

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