Protegrity Data Security Platform Release 6.5 Offers Big Data Protection

Data security solutions specialist Protegrity announced general availability of release 6.5 of its Data Security Platform, which further expands the company’s Big Data Protector capabilities to include support and certification on many Apache Hadoop distributions, including IBM Big Insights, Pivotal, Hortonworks, Cloudera and MapR. Utilizing encryption for file or volume protection, Vaultless Tokenization on the node for fine-grain field level protection, and central policy control for access management, the Big Data Protector is designed to secure data in Hadoop from external and internal threats.
Users and business processes can continue to analyze the secure data for decision-making insights, and as part of the Data Security Platform, data is secured from the point of acquisition to deletion, across the heterogeneous enterprise. In addition, the File Protector Gateway Server (FPGS), a new product, allows sensitive data elements in structured data files to be parsed and protected or unprotected using Vaultless Tokenization, before entering or leaving data systems. After the decision regarding protection is made, the file can be moved elsewhere, to another machine, platform or outside the enterprise, or remain in the FPGS in secure storage.

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