Unlock Your Data to Deliver More Valuable Insights. Extract the full value of your data with a dynamic data pipeline that eliminates IT complexity and delay. Adopt big data technologies that seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure.

Pentaho addresses the barriers that block your organization’s ability to get value from all your data. Our platform simplifies preparing and blending any data and includes a spectrum of tools to easily analyze, visualize, explore, report and predict. Open, embeddable and extensible, Pentaho is architected to ensure that each member of your team — from developers to business users can easily translate data into value.


– Enterprise platform to accelerate the data pipeline
– Community Dashboard Editor allows fast and efficient development and deployment
– Big data integration without a need for coding
– Simplified embedded analytics
– Visualize data with custom dashboards
– Operational reporting for mongo dB
– Platform to accelerate the data pipeline

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