– AI Powered Banking Personalization Platform bridges offline behavior analytics and online digital engagement. Meets stringent data privacy standards. Uses behavior, not identity to personalize engagement.

Crayon Data’s is a big data-based digital personalization platform that engages customers with taste-led personalization and increases conversion rates. is an AI-led personalization platform that easily fits into all customer-facing channels to drive relevant conversations. This increase in relevance helps drive a 3-7% increase in portfolio spends, and can be made available to banks within 7 working days. also comes enterprise-facing modules that give banks complete control on the narrative of the customer-conversations.

Personalization Platform Features

1. Taste Studio

Analytics is predictable. makes it personal.

Imagine if you could run a Google-like search to identify the tastes of your customers – at a portfolio, segment or individual level. And predict the exact revenue opportunity for each. With stunning accuracy. Without building a single model. Now you can. With Taste Studio.

2. Engage Studio

Engage millions of customers. All at once. One at a time.

Imagine that you can curate and deliver campaigns personalized to the taste of every single customer, on any channel. Imagine that you have 100s of them prioritized by theme and ranked by impact. To maximize portfolio spends. In next to no time. With no effort. Now you can. With Engage Studio.

3. Commerce Studio

Your customers and your merchants need some match-making. Make it happen.

Imagine that you can optimize your entire offer portfolio. Discard the 90% that don’t matter to your customers and add the ones that do. Imagine being able to tell every merchant the exact opportunity they have by targeting your base. Creating new revenue opportunities. Now you can. With Commerce Studio.

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