icCube offers an end-to-end BI solution for software companies looking to embed data analytics and reporting into their product. It combines data from multiple data sources to perform cross-analytics, supports standard languages for powerful analytics (MDX++, Java, R, …) and allows to create 100% custom interactive dashboards for a unique brand experience.

icCube is a SaaS end to end BI platform, specialized to be embedded in your application. Deploy it on premises, in the cloud or make use of one of their managed services and enjoy a short time to market for custom feature requests. It integrates seamlessly with any application because of the on-the-fly-authentication and authorization (up to cell level), the ability to connect and combine any custom data source, direct access to Java and R, a web based dashboard builder and the ability to graphically design widgets from scratch. Basically, icCube is the dream for any software developer who needs to provide predefined dashboards or a solid web based self service BI solution, to their end-users.

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